Competition is essential and intrinsic to life. The desire to compete in overcoming a challenge is deeply rooted in human nature and has been employed for centuries to help people sharpen their skills and improve their performance in various activities. The idea to organize an international mathematics competition to develop of solving problem in early age. As it is observed mathematics is involved in every test and students face difficulty. Such frequent competition will overcome the difficulty and take interest in this subject. This competition will equalize the standard prevail among different schools and will bring the student in one platform. It would be diminished the difference between rural and urban education standard.



The aims and objectives of LMO:

  • To test the ingenuity and mathematical problem solving ability of participants.
  • To discover and encourage mathematical talents in schools.
  • Higher abilities and talent are identified, motivated and developed.
  • Competition will show what is good for education.
  • Talented students are steered to careers in science.
  • Competition will raise the reputation of an educational institute.